StratITsphere is a private-labeled, fully-scalable data center platform designed specifically for service providers. We serve companies with high growth demands that depend on data centers as part of their portfolio, crafting flexible facilities designed uniquely for you, so you can focus on the growth of your core business (and not in facilities management).

We know how important it is for a service provider to have reliable environments in accessible, yet discreet, data center facilities. That’s why StratITsphere is home to a scalable, state-of-the-art facility in the Houston, Texas, area – complete with manned 24/7 security, a dedicated on-site systems team, and triple-secure entry points customizable to our customers that need physical access.

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partnershipsYour company should become more efficient and successful with the right data center partnership, but that partnership requires enormous amounts of trust. So in a world full of providers embracing “coopetition”, who can you trust?

At StratITsphere, we operate with an unparalleled dedication and loyalty to our customers, all to create partnerships with longevity. That’s why our services are completely private-labeled and reserved only for our selected core clients (no fishing or poaching). We’re in this together.

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