About StratITsphere

Your Most Inclusive Data Services Provider

StratITsphere Data Center Solutions (SDCS) is a Houston-based company that provides data center services to small, medium, and large enterprises, including Fortune 500 and 1000 companies. SDCS is not just another colocation provider looking to sell you real estate. We are your data center technology partner.

Join our customers who have benefited from reducing capital expenses and controlling operating expenses. SDCS’ full suite of data center services will allow you to be more competitive and build a strong future.

For more information about our company or any of our services, including data center solutions, cloud computing, or IT consulting, contact StratITsphere by calling 832-878-4503 or contacting our Data Center online.

A Testimonial  from Antonio Marin at TPC


“When dealing with a company like StratITsphere, we are dealing with their technical architects and dealing with their engineers who really work together with our teams to build a very strong partnership.


“We decided to make StratITsphere our primary data center not just because of the quality of service, but the location being in Katy, Texas is being close to the Houston area, but far away from the hurricane zone which is one of the major issues we have in this part of the Gulf Coast.”


“When we arrived to StratITsphere they opened their doors and welcomed us into their environment. They were able to provide us with a work environment where we can bring our team for a disaster recovery event. Plus, they also provided us with infrastructure to place our servers and storage equipment. The experience was phenomenal. Normally when you build a data center there are so many issues that happen. You have to deal with the vendors for telecommunications. You have to deal with the hardware vendors. StratITsphere made it very simple for us. One of the key features we really like about StratITsphere and it may be very simple, but it was very important when building a data center. They allowed us to store equipment as it was arriving in their own storage area. That’s something nobody else offers.  So, we were able to start getting all of our equipment delivered on time so our teams could build the infrastructure to move forward.”


“StratITsphere offers an environment where our systems can be 24/7 and that is very important to us. My team really loves working in this environment. It’s not just a room where you have your servers, it’s a working environment. It’s a place where teams work together. If we have to declare an emergency, we will bring our employees to this area. And we are confident that we can continue the business in the most complicated situations that’s out there. So, we are really happy to be here and we look forward to a relationship for years to come.”